Bay Crest Lighthouse

Contact Information:
BayCrest Plat Owners Assn.
P.O. Box 1928
Blaine, WA 98231-1928
baycrestpoaboard @

Board of Directors:
Ginny Benton (President)
Natalie Pacheco (Vice-Pres.)
Martha Ward (Secretary)
Lori Binskin (Treasurer)
Shirley Brocklehurst
Edio Garzes
David Ingulsrud

BayCrest Documents

CCRs - The document that outlies the deed restrictions for our community.

Bylaws - Bylaws of BayCrest Plat Owners Association.

Annual Meeting Proxy - Please use the proxy form if you can't attend the annual meeting of BayCrest homeowners.

Annual Budget Links
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The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is also relevant to our association. The following links will take you to the Washington State Legislature site.

RCW Chapter 64.38 - Homeowners' associations

RCW Chapter 24.06 - Nonprofit miscellaneous and mutual corporations act